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| CharterOak PF1 Pop Filter |

The CharterOak *PF-1 Pop Filter outperforms other pop filters in three key areas. The SaatiTech Hyphobe Acoustex™ fiber used in the construction of the *PF-1 is extremely effective in repelling moisture, thus keeping damaging moisture away from the microphone capsule. Secondly, the B010 Acoustex™ used in the *PF-1 will stop plosives without compromising the frequency response of the microphone. Standard Nylon pop filters are incapable of this level of performance. Lastly, the CharterOak *PF-1 is designed to eliminate the need for bulky mic-clip/gooseneck apparatuses as well as secondary mic-stands, as the *PF-1 comes attached to a Velcro™ strap which will fit most side-address large diaphragm microphones and makes the *PF-1 unobtrusive and easy to install.

Like all CharterOak products, the new *PF-1 Pop Filters are hand made from high quality components for CharterOak, and are designed for use with the SA538, SA538B and E700 models.


TapeOp- #74 Nov/Dec 09
TapeOp Gear Review
CharterOak Pop Filter

A good pop filter for cutting vocals is one of those easily overlooked tools in the studio. Often an afterthought, a good one makes a great mic even better — and an average mic sound okay. A crappy pop filter makes an amazing mic sound crappy. Why screw up your several-thousand-dollar microphone investment with a lousy pop filter???

The PF-1 is my new favorite pop filter. It is a handsome, sturdy-looking piece about the size of the bottom of a coffee cup. It has not one, but two fine mesh screens Saati-Tech Hyphobe Acoustex with about a quarter of an inch between them. This material repels moisture, and stop plosives without compromising the frequency response of the microphone. It’s lightweight, with a black exterior and natural cork middle section that makes for a pleasing aesthetic. There is a small, slightly sticky rubber dot on the mic side of the filter and a Velcro band. It’s super easy to use; just press the dot onto the mic and use the Velcro to attach. Besides the nice dual mesh screen, the small size and weight have some obvious advantages over the larger metal-mesh pop filters that need to attach to a mic stand; the filter stays in place even if the mic moves, and the vocalist has a smaller “sweet spot” to focus on, so it’s easier to stay on axis. I recently used this filter to track some vocals with a vocalist with whom I’ve consistently had plosive issues and was very pleased with the tracks as they had far fewer and quieter plosives with the same mic we’d previously used.
($44.95 MSRP; –JB

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