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| CharterOak PF2 Pop Filter |

The CharterOak * PF-2 Pop Filter outperforms other pop filters in three key areas. The SaatiTech Hyphobe Acoustex™ fiber used in the construction of the *PF-2 is extremely effective in repelling moisture, thus keeping damaging moisture away from the microphone capsule. Secondly, the B010 Acoustex™ used in the *PF-2 will stop plosives without compromising the frequency response of the microphone. Standard Nylon pop filters are incapable of this level of performance. Lastly, the CharterOak *PF-2 is designed to eliminate the need for bulky mic-clip/gooseneck apparatuses as well as secondary mic-stands, as the *PF-2 comes attached to a Velcro™ strap and is sized to fit both CharterOak S600 and S700 front address condenser microphone models. 

Like all CharterOak products, the new *PF-2 Pop Filters are made from high quality components for CharterOak, and are designed for use with the S600 and S700 front address condenser microphone models. The *PF-2 is available to our customers through the CharterOak dealer network.


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